EBRAINS - Italy is powering a new era in Brain Research.

EBRAINS-Italy is a new digital research infrastructure, funded by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) through the NextGeneration EU program gathering an extensive range of data and tools for brain-related research and directly linked to EBRAINS EU.”

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Explore, Analyze, Model

Our labs are constantly working to provide a variety of high quality services that can be used to investigate your own ideas on brain research.


A constantly growing variety of high quality datasets on a wide number of brain regions at multi level resolution.


A wide range of data-driven computational models, ranging from sub-cellular to network to whole brain level, powered by supercomputing facilities.


Online data analysis and visualization tools ensure that users can exploit their intuition for brain-inspired innovations.


We provide services to contribute to study several neurodegenerative diseases

Our powerful tools and workflows can be used to study brain diseases, identifying novel therapeutic strategies or candidate molecular targets to restore neuronal functions.

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Research Groups

Explore EBRAINS - Italy research groups

Explore the activity of the 23 labs from 16 Institutions contributing to the EBRAINS-Italy Research Infrastructure.

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Custom services that would fit various research

We offer customizable services specifically designed to cover a wide variety of neuroscience research needs.

Experimental data and facilities

fMRI, MEG, EEG, optogenetics,Electrophysiology, Synaptic plasticity, and more.

State of the art services to analyze your data

Trace and multimodal datasets analysis, Analysis of activity propagation and brain rhythms, scientific visualization, classification.

State of the art computational modeling tools for personalized and digital twin applications

Molecular modeling, synaptic transmission and plasticity, cellular networks, spiking neuron networks, robotics, Neuromorphic modeling, and more.

Advanced Training on Computational Neuroscience and neurorobotics

Training facilities with a number of labs supporting training and innovation activities, and environments to host meetings and workshops fostering collaboration between research and industry stakeholders.


Latest news

Our labs are constantly working to provide a variety of high quality Explore the latest achievements of EBRAINS-Italy labs.


Last opened position

Do you want to contribute to research in EBRAINS-Italy as well? Discover the latest job openings with our partners and join our research community!

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We are EBRAINS - Italy. We’re empowering a new era in Brain Research.

It provides access to electrophysiology, molecular, imaging, and computational tools that allows users to:

The Italian EBRAINS node provides access to various facility hubs providing the electrophysiological, molecular, imaging, and computational tools that allow users to:

Characterise brain architecture

Implement large datasets

Analyse brain

Knowledge integration

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